Alabaster releases a new album after 20 years in the making.

Old recordings come to life when the Swedish band Alabaster releases “Unfinished Songs”. An album with a unique story that spans over almost twenty years. Available on Streaming, Bandcamp and a limited vinyl edition.

Release date 2021-09-24


Unfinished Songs

A long long time ago, the Swedish band Alabaster started to record their third album. But something happened, or actually, something didn't happen. No one really knows why, but both the recordings and the band slowly faded into obscurity and disappeared. For a long time, the unfinished album was just a legend among the few fans the band had.

But then in 2020, something happened again. The recordings were accidentally found on a dusty hard drive in a garage. A spark was lit, and the band decided to get together and finish what they started almost two decades ago. After sorting out the old Cubase files (what a mess), the band added new instruments and properly mixed it. So now, after all these years, the "Unfinished Songs" album is finally finished.

The music has been described as thoughtful and gentle folk-rock with a hint of country and psych. Influences are found among The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Will Oldham, Smog and Velvet Underground.


Alabaster bio

Alabaster released two seven-track EPs in 2001 and 2003, "Fairytale of Burning Dogs" and "EP2". The three members, Jonas, Carl and Ulf, were childhood friends from the northern rural parts of the Stockholm area but had never played together until the band was formed. After a couple of sold out gigs (and some that weren’t) and mini-tour in Europe the band started recording their third album. No one remembers why the long break began. But that doesn’t matter now. Or anymore. Alabaster is back. A bit older. But probably better than ever.

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